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bandiera italiana Italiano[modifica]

Open book 01.svgVoce verbale


  1. participio passato singolare maschile di prendere

Hyph.png Sillabazione[modifica]

Nuvola kdict glass.pngEtimologia / Derivazione[modifica]

da prendere

Nuvola filesystems www.png Traduzione[modifica]

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Open book 01.svgSostantivo

= Template:en-noun

  1. Template:context Short form of presentation.
    • 1999 August 30, Eric Krock, “CodeStock E1 speakers: coordinating Gecko/JS embedding presentations”, netscape.public.mozilla.embedding, Usenet
      We need to provide a pause of "down time" after each preso for the streaming team to save the captured video to disk before beginning the next presentation.
    • 2003 August, J. D. Richard, Oh, Crapper!, page 245, Xlibris Corporation
      “Now that I've finished Russ's preso, neither do I!”
    • 2005 March 11, Carey Matthew Black, “AR System Presentation”, Remedy ARS, Google Groups
      Sorry no formal preso for you, but the first point is a real killer in my book.

  1. (of person) busy, taken up, preoccupied
  2. (of thing) taken, occupied

Icona sinonimi.png Sinonimi[modifica]


Open book 01.svgSostantivo

= preso m

  1. prisoner



  1. past participle of prender