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# [[stain]]
*:Rhymes: [[Rhymes:English:-iːtə|-iːtə]]
# The name of the sixth letter of the modern [[Greek]] [[alphabet]] ('''[[Ζ]]''',  '''[[ζ]]'''), preceded by [[epsilon]] ('''[[Ε]]''',  '''[[ε]]''') and followed by [[eta]], ('''[[Η]]''',  '''[[η]]''').
# The name of the seventh letter in the ancient Greek alphabet, in which it is preceded by digamma ('''[[digamma|Ϝ]]''', '''[[digamma|ϝ]]'''))
# {{term|matematica|en}} A mathematical function formally known as the [[w:Riemann Zeta Function]].
#: ''Zeta of 3 is irrational''
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