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avere = dovere è un bell errore per chi parla italiano corretto. complimentoni!!!!

Separate translation sections for verb and noun?[modifica]

Since my Italian is between level 0 and 1 I don't dare to do any changes here. However, it seems the translation sections should have one entry for the verb and one for the noun. As it stands now I think all the translations really belong to the verb «to have». Teodor (dc) 20:27, 22 ago 2019 (CEST)

yes, unfortunately this is a problem recurring in many pages: translations should be divided according to each entry, but they often are not (we even have a template for that :P). Anyway, thanks for noticing, I will look into it tomorrow :) --Barbaking (disc.) 20:58, 22 ago 2019 (CEST)
[@ Teodor605] ✔ Fatto done... at best I could :). I don't know if it should be better to distinguish between "avere una macchina" (to have a car, meaning possession), avere un fratello (to have a brother, meaning relation) and maybe "avere gli occhi" (to have eyes, meaning the eyes are part of you)... anyway maybe another day :P --Barbaking (disc.) 16:10, 23 ago 2019 (CEST)
Yes it's much better now:) Maybe also just move the whole translation section pertaining to the noun before the verb section even begins? Teodor ([[Discussioni_utente:|d]] • c) 22:39, 29 ago 2019 (CEST)
[@ Teodor605] no, by policy on the Italian Wiktionary we put only one translation section, at the end of the page; disambiguation between different entries is done by box description (this of course can be discussed, of course, but being as it is like this in *every* italian lemma, it is next to impossibile to change it now...). Ps: i saw your tip on ascoltare, I will (try to) work on it in the next days. Bye, —Barbaking (disc.) 18:16, 30 ago 2019 (CEST)