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Nuvola kdict glass.pngEtimologia / Derivazione[modifica]

From Italian piccata ‘larded’, past participle of piccarsi ‘prick oneself’.

Nuvola apps edu languages.png Pronuncia[modifica]

IPA: /pɪˈkɑ:tə/

Open book 01.svgAggettivo

  1. Sliced, sautéed and served with lemon, parsley and butter sauce.
    • 1999: Rattle-snake piccata with grapes and figs, old Brown Betty with a yellow wig — Tom Waits, ‘Filipino Box Spring Hog’

bandiera italiana Italiano[modifica]

Open book 01.svgSostantivo

piccata f (pl.: piccate)

  1. prick (act of pricking)
  2. a dish of escalope of veal fried in butter with parsley and lemon

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