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Please, dont' add categories without a previous discussion. I agree that we need to categorize the hiragana syllabes, but this needs to be done in a planned way, and probably using a template. Adding a category (which is, besides, orphan, because not included in any other category) is not helpful and will just increase the disorder... and this really is the last thing we need. Thanks for your cooperation --Barbaking 说说吧! 11:23, 2 gen 2014 (CET)

他の言語版でカテゴリー化されているものを参考に作成しました。平仮名だけではなく、ラテン文字や記号など、全ての文字をカテゴリー化して、関連付けするつもりでしたが、急進的に映ったのでしょうか。すみません。--Charidri (disc.) 11:38, 2 gen 2014 (CET)
No problem. If I understand correctly, what you were trying to do could not be a bad idea in principle (at the present we only have a "Categoria:Lettere", "category:Letters", that should contain the letters or symbols in various alphabeths, but, as you can see, is a bit messy). Anyway, as I was saying, this operation needs to be discussed and carefully planned in advance to be functional. I will try to put up the matter at our "village plump", thank you anyway, ありがとうございます --Barbaking 说说吧! 12:02, 2 gen 2014 (CET)