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This is simply the inflected form of geopend, itself the past participle of the verb openen (apirire). Jcwf (disc.) 21:11, 24 apr 2011 (CEST)

This word is related to a hand. So if geopende is a feminine form of geopend all is correct. --Massimop (disc.) 23:06, 24 apr 2011 (CEST)
Hand is both masc and fem nowadays, historically fem but that is not the point. Inflection in Dutch is complicated.

As attribute it is usually inflected, but not for neuter indefinite words

een geopende hand (m/f)
een geopend slot (n)

But, as a predicate the form is always uninflected, regardless of genus:

de geopende hand
de hand is geopend
het geopende slot
het slot is geopend

This is why we usually categorize under the uninflected form

Generally we should have only the expression geopende hand, so I think we are in your een geopende hand (m/f). The word geopend, with the means of open, should be related to all the heraldic figures other than hand. --Massimop (disc.) 23:45, 24 apr 2011 (CEST)