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===Etymology 1===
From {{L.}} ''[[cubus]]'', from Greek [[κύβος]] (cybos)
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[[Image:Cube Animation.gif]]
'''cube''' (''plural'' '''[[cubes]]''')
# {{geometry}} A [[polyhedron]] having of six identical square faces.
# Any object more or less in the form of a cube.
#:''a sugar '''cube'''''
#:''a stock '''cube'''''
# {{mathematics}} The third [[power]] of a [[number]], [[value]], [[term]] or expression.
<!--#(''electronic gaming'') [[Nintendo GameCube]].-->
# {{arithmetic}} To raise to the third power; to determine the result of multiplying by itself twice.
#:''Three '''cubed''' can be written as 3<sup>3</sup>, and equals twenty-seven.''
# {{rfv-sense}} To form into the shape of a cube.<!--disputed-->
# To cut into cubes.
#:'''''Cube''' the ham right after adding the curry to the rice.''
# {{rfv-sense}} To paint a picture or form an image in the [[cubist]] style.<!--disputed-->
<!--Proper noun?: #(''electronic game'') To port to or [[enhance-remake]] for Nintendo GameCube.-->
=== Etymology 2 ===
Clipped form of [[cubicle]] (with intentional reference to their common shape per [[#Etymology 1|cube 1]]), from Latin [[cubiculum]], a small bedchamber or lounge, from [[cubo|cubare]], to lie down.
==== Noun ====
# A [[cubicle]]; especially of those found in offices.


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