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:::Well, I see you already changed those verbs to "verb form". That's quite nice, but I found some errors. For example [[ogar]] and [[poter]], which aren't verb forms but verbs without the final "e"; there were also some English verbs that were categorized as "Italian" ([[hew]], [[help]] - now corrected). [[esserci]] and [[esservi]] aren't verb forms but real verbs, they just have the pronoun "ci" or "vi" at the end. Now I'll correct the errors, next time you should try to avoid them, maybe using the bot in "manual" mode (well, I don't know how AWB works, I usually use pywikipediabot) Thank you (and sorry if I made mistakes, my English is not so good) --<span style="font-family:'Comic Sans MS';"><b>[[Utente:Broc|<span style="color:blue;">Br</span>]][[discussioni utente:Broc|<span style="color:orange;">o</span>]][[Speciale:Contributions/Broc|<span style="color:red;">c</span>]]</b></span> 17:40, 21 gen 2011 (CET)
::::Perfetto. [[Utente:JackPotte|JackPotte]] <small>([[User talk:JackPotte|disc.]])</small> 20:57, 21 gen 2011 (CET)
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[https://it.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=Discussioni_utente%3AGnuBotmarcoo&diff=1279314&oldid=1157779 Uh]? --[[Utente:Gnumarcoo|<span style="color:#4D6490">Gnu</span>]][[Discussioni_utente:Gnumarcoo|<span style="color:#4D6490; cursor:help;">marcoo</span>]] 12:13, 1 mar 2012 (CET)


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