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If the "lepre comun" is the Feldhase, is the "lepre" not the rabbit ?? This would make it rabbit in English konijn in nl:

For what I know, "lepre" is the English "hare", while "coniglio" is "rabbit". In Alice, the March Hare is translated as lepre marzolina, for example. --.mau. 10:35, Ott 18, 2004 (UTC)

This is what I find on foreignword.com: IT-EN lepre (zool) nf hare - just to confirm. --Sabine

terminologia specializzata[modifica]

il lemma lepre ha ben tre definizioni inerenti a zoologia. A mio avviso andrebbero raggruppate--Ulisse (disc.) 21:20, 7 mar 2012 (CET)