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Regionale: insegnare[modifica]

This is in at least two dictionaries:

* liZigarelli 2015: (centr. merid.) insegnare: mbè te lo imparo, come no (P.P. Pasolini)
* [Repubblicca.it]  dial., merid. Insegnare

There ia a comment in a forum in the Accademia delle Crusca [here], but it is nuclear what the association of the person that posted it is to the Accademia, but he is not a member nor an associate member.

It might need a not to indicare that this usage might seem confusing outside of the region, but that is the nature of regional usages.

  1. {{Region-merid}} insegnare
    • E allora io gli dico, te lo imparo io, sie contento?
regionale: insegnare


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